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The Role of Art in Recovery After a Disaster with Rina Faletti, PhD

When a disaster strikes, the conversation typically focuses on what has been lost: homes, livelihoods, and even lives. The emotional and spiritual toll of a disaster can be harder to recognize, but it is every bit as important. But in times like these, it’s crucial to remember that humans are creative creatures, and we have…


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Renae Hanvin

How to Engage the Private Sector with Renae Hanvin

The private sector is a vital component of recovery before, during, and even post-disaster. Press play and hear practical ways on how businesses can show up authentically during a crisis.

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Debbie Mason

How to Create a Mental Health System with Debbie Mason

Debbie works to bridge the gap in the mental health system, and she shares practical ways to do so in your community. She also shares positive mental health strategies and advice.

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Communication Failures in Disaster: A Case Study in Equity Issues, Napa, California with Belia Ramos

Talk about equity and cultural differences. Communicating can be a real challenge when multiple languages are spoken in a community. Scott interviews Napa Supervisor, Belia Ramos about the non-technical, but equally important side of communication.

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Cynthia Murray

Communication Failures in Disaster: The Impact on the Private Sector with Cynthia Murray

Our guest, Cynthia Murray, the CEO of North Bay Leadership Council refers to this as the “next normal.” Scott and Cynthia discuss the responsibilities of citizens and leaders in rebuilding a stronger, more resilient community.

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Riva Feldman

Communication Failures in Disaster: A Case Study in Malibu, California with Reva Feldman

Join our guest host, Scott Adams, as he interviews Reva Feldman, the City Manager of Malibu. Reva relates how the Woolsey fire greatly challenged their preparedness as a community and what lessons came as a result.

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Charles Brooks

How to Create a Rebuild Organization with Charles Brooks

The last thing we want to do in a disaster is to create another disaster, that’s why having an organization to help build a system is invaluable. This week, Jennifer interviews Charles Brooks, the Executive Director of Rebuild Paradise Foundation.

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Brad Sherwood

How to Advocate: Local and State with Brad Sherwood

Jennifer sits with Brad Sherwood, the Co-Founder and VP of Larkfield Resilience Fund, to discuss how we can be advocates, both as a local citizen and at the state level.

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Pamela Van Halsema

How to Block Captain with Pamela Van Halsema

Jennifer interviews Pamela Van Halsema, Board Member of Coffey Strong, in her role as the Block Captain, and lessons from the way they worked together towards a happier, more resilient, and more beautiful town.

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Joshua Farrell holds up a battery pack

How to Prepare: Citizen Prepper with Joshua Farrell (PART 2)

In this episode, we also learn the secret to avoiding confusion and pressure in the event of a disaster. Tune in as the bag raid continues with Josh Farrell!

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Joshua Farrell

How to Prepare: Citizen Prepper

In the event of a disaster, help may come later than expected. Therefore, the question that holds the utmost importance now is: Are you prepared enough?

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This podcast is for those who have experienced disaster or want to build in resiliency prior to a disaster.  Host Jennifer Gray Thompson, CEO of After the Fire: Recover. Rebuild. Reimagine., interviews disaster professionals, community members, emergent leaders, and ordinary, yet extraordinary people who bring lessons, strategies, mistakes, triumphs, and humanity forward to help you recover, rebuild, and reimagine.