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How to Improve Community Preparedness After a Wildfire with Pamela Van Halsema

How to Improve Community Preparedness After a Wildfire with Pamela Van Halsema      “It’s through those human relationships that make this whole thing tolerable to do because it’s about the people involved.” -Pamela Van Halsema   Wildfires are a natural part of the globe’s ecosystem. But in recent years, they’ve become more common and…


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Jenna Johnson

How to Zone Captain: Rural Area with Jenna Murray Johnson

Jennifer interviews Jenna Murray Johnson, Co-Founder of Camp Fire Zone Captains on the role of zone captains in fostering recovery in rural areas.

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Martin Bras and Kelly Thompson

How to Face Disaster on an Island (Hurricane Maria) with Kelly Thompson and Martin Bras

Hurricane Maria, 2017- named “the worst natural disaster” and the “deadliest” in the history of Dominica, Saint Croix, and Puerto Rico.

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Peter Alan

How to Heal Through Art with Peter Alan

In this episode, we learn how art can be used in recovery as Jennifer speaks with Peter Alan, a Visual/conceptual mixed-media artist.

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Lorez Bailey

How to Lead During a Disaster & Racial Reckoning with Lorez Bailey

What makes leadership harder than it already is? Lorez Bailey gives us a glimpse of this unique mission and how it impacts recovery.

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Belia Ramos

How to Advocate: Public Sector (Local) with Belia Ramos

Communication is a crucial factor in a successful recovery and rebuild project. But with all the chaos, communication is also the first defense to fail.

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Bailey Farren in Firefighter gear and Susan Farren

How to Help the Helpers (First Responders) with Sue Farren and Bailey Farren

Sue shares her research about the unwanted and subtle effects these events have on first responders while Bailey speaks about tools to help both first responders and citizens gain quick access to needed information.

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Renae Hanvin

How to Engage the Private Sector with Renae Hanvin

The private sector is a vital component of recovery before, during, and even post-disaster. Press play and hear practical ways on how businesses can show up authentically during a crisis.

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Debbie Mason

How to Create a Mental Health System with Debbie Mason

Debbie works to bridge the gap in the mental health system, and she shares practical ways to do so in your community. She also shares positive mental health strategies and advice.

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Communication Failures in Disaster: A Case Study in Equity Issues, Napa, California with Belia Ramos

Talk about equity and cultural differences. Communicating can be a real challenge when multiple languages are spoken in a community. Scott interviews Napa Supervisor, Belia Ramos about the non-technical, but equally important side of communication.

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Cynthia Murray

Communication Failures in Disaster: The Impact on the Private Sector with Cynthia Murray

Our guest, Cynthia Murray, the CEO of North Bay Leadership Council refers to this as the “next normal.” Scott and Cynthia discuss the responsibilities of citizens and leaders in rebuilding a stronger, more resilient community.

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This podcast is for those who have experienced disaster or want to build in resiliency prior to a disaster.  Host Jennifer Gray Thompson, CEO of After the Fire: Recover. Rebuild. Reimagine., interviews disaster professionals, community members, emergent leaders, and ordinary, yet extraordinary people who bring lessons, strategies, mistakes, triumphs, and humanity forward to help you recover, rebuild, and reimagine.