Wildfire Emergency in the West

Wikiup on fire

We are in a systemic state of emergency resulting in megafire disasters, caused by:

  • Lack of coordination and increased barriers to access resources for resiliency and recovery
  • Overwhelmed public sector at federal, state and local levels
  • The lack of historical philanthropic focus on disaster recovery
  • Inaction to mitigate the effects of climate change

Active Fire Map

The FIRMS Fire Map allows you to interactively browse the full archive of global active fire detections from MODIS and VIIRS. Near real-time fire data are available within approximately 3 hours of satellite overpass and imagery within 4-5 hours.  The FIRMS US/Canada map is a joint effort by NASA and the USDA FOREST SERVICE to provide access to low latency satellite imagery and science data products from EARTH OBSERVATION SYSTEM (EOS) satellite assets to identify the location, extent and intensity of wildfire activity and its effects.

screenshot of an interactive NASA map of the US and Canada which displays current fires burning

FIRMS provides a web based, Interactive, layered map of active fires across the US and Canada. 

Fire Information for Resource Management System (MAP)

Documentary: The West is Burning

"The West is Burning" raises awareness about the conditions of forests in the western U.S. This feature documentary released in 2020 examines the history of forest management and litigation that led to the current conditions which are causing catastrophic fire nearly year-round. The film explores the urgent need to act now, and the potential to generate positive change in our forests, watersheds, and communities, both rural and urban.

For more information visit: https://westisburning.org

Producer/Photographer/Drone Photographer/Editor: Cody Sheehy Sound Recordist/Mix: Galen McCaw

image of forest on fire with title slide in front for the after the fire weekly news digest

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