About Us


LISTEN first: "What do you need, and how can we help?"

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Serve the community in FRONT of you.

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Act with INTEGRITY always.

Our Mission

We support communities as they RECOVER from fire, REBUILD their lives, and REIMAGINE a more resilient future through prevention, innovation, and facilitating the connection from one fire-impacted community to another.

Our work is driven by the central question:

“What do you need and how can we help?”

After the Fire USA is an initiative of our non-profit, Rebuild NorthBay Foundation, a 501(c)3  organization created by wildfire survivors and experts to support communities of all sizes as they prepare for wildfires and recover, rebuild, and reimagine a more resilient future after a wildfire. We work with private and government partners to adddress the results and systemic issues leading to this Era of Megafire. Our tools are experience, expertise, innovation, and respect for each community’s uniqueness. We listen, coach, mentor, educate, and open doors. We are proud to lead collaborative efforts to fill the immense unmet needs that otherwise would fall on the backs of our most affected and financially vulnerable residents. We strongly believe wildfire affected communities need and deserve our full attention until every family is home.

How We Do It: Collaboration

Rebuilding wildfire disaster communities of the American West better, safer, greener, and faster depends upon supporting local leaders, building coalitions, fostering connections across sectors, and ensuring we use data that is vetted and reliable. We must build and rebuild with greater resiliency and address the issues of cliamte change and cleaner energy sources. We can protect communities not yet devastated by a megafire.

We listen to the needs of the community, educate national organizations on the particualrs of megafire, and partner with leaders and organizations who are willing to lean in together to solve this problem.

We engage in advocacy with our public sector partners by supporting community leaders as they advocate for the unique needs of their disaster. From podcasts to publications, summits to workshops, we develop and share best practices, and leverage partnerships as we address the gaps in support and resources that emerge post disaster.

How We Do It: Advocacy

We support our region in partnership with elected and non-government officials at the state and federal level to ensure our economically vital region receives the necessary government funding for our region to recover and rebuild.

Every disaster affected community must adovcate for the needs of their particular constituency, but not every community can afford a lobbyist. We provide access and staffing to empower vulnerable communities to have their voices heard and needs met wherever decisions are being made regionally or federally. We are the leading voice for wildfire equity and community in the nation.

For more information visit our FAQ page.