We Help Communities Navigate Megafires

What We Do


We Deploy

No community should have to invent wildfire recovery. We support locally led and designed recoveries. We start with listening and asking, "What do you need, and how can we help?"

We Connect

We built a robust network of leaders, NGOs, civil servants, and private sector businesses to connect with wildfire communities. We host an annual Wildfire Leadership Summit that connects and informs our network.


We Advocate

The Era of Megafire wrecks mass devastation yearly. We advocate federally with wildfire survivors to enact relevant and compassionate legislation for fair recovery.

We Educate

We democratize information, connect changemakers, and amplify great ideas via content creation, public speaking, annual convening, and 1:1 consulting. Check out our YouTube with over 300 videos!

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We Innovate

The next 50 years will be devoted to fostering multi-peril resilience in our built environment + social structures. We embrace great ideas from passionate people. We must reimagine resiliency and collaborate daily.

Support Our Impact

We help communities recover from wildfire via deployments, advocacy, education, and networking. Your donation will help us continue our work in the Era of Megafire. Together we DO.


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