After the Fire: Recover. Rebuild. Reimagine. Supports Social Justice & Racial Equity

Rebuild NorthBay Foundation, our parent organization, was born in the midst of overwhelming destruction, grief, loss, and a desire to see our region recover better, safer, greener, faster. Disasters do not care about race or class when they occur, but the recovery and rebuild from disasters is grossly unequal and exposes fissures at all levels of society.  Though we are not a social equity organization in our mission, we strongly believe in the call to DO equity, therefore we direct resources to organizations doing important and effective work in social justice. We are committed to the long-term recovery and rebuild of this region, this state, and this country – for everyone – equally — always.

COVID-19 has been and continues to be a new type of disaster. This disaster is unfolding over a number of months globally, and we do not yet have the science and information to predict all aspects. Unlike an earthquake or wildfire, this disaster moves invisibly, yet the destruction is far greater than what we have previously experienced. The one aspect of this disaster that is exactly the same as all disasters: people of color are disproportionately affected in the response and will be in the recovery.

This pandemic has shone a bright light on the inequities and as a country, we are called collectively to become first responders for humanity. If we are to be successful, we must commit to the long-term hard work of supporting racial justice and equity. We know from experience that support without commitment is ineffective and temporal; but commitment with support is evolutionary and effective.

Download pdf RNBF Social Justice and Racial Equity Statement with links to Bay Area Organizations, California-Focused Organizations and National Organizations list that the Napa Valley Community Organization compiled.

Together, we can rise to meet this moment.

Sincerely yours,
Judy Coffey, Board President
Jennifer Gray Thompson, Executive Director