Day 3-7: The Power of Purpose: Corporate Philanthropy’s Role in Building Climate Resiliency | Brooks Nelson

As climate-related challenges intensify, companies and organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to support efforts aimed at climate adaptation and mitigation. By fostering collaboration and investing in innovative solutions, corporate philanthropy contributes to creating a more resilient and sustainable future for both businesses and the communities they serve. 

The Walmart Foundation provides local grants to non-profits through its Spark Good platform, where nonprofits can register to be eligible for local grants. It also offers opportunities for non-profits to set up tables at Walmart stores to promote their cause, create registries for needed items, and enable customer donations through roundups. Moreover, the Walmart Foundation also makes larger grants to support initiatives like building community disaster preparedness and resilience

This conversation provides valuable insight into how major corporations can leverage their resources and scale to better serve vulnerable populations. Tune in as Brooks Nelson, Walmart Foundation’s Senior Manager for Disaster Preparedness & Response, discusses Walmart’s mission of being a people-led, tech-powered retailer, its four pillars of disaster work, its commitment to offering technical assistance and funding for communities to prepare for disasters, and Brook’s role in Walmart’s Emergency Operations Center.