July 19 Digest: This Week in Wildfire Recovery News

This is a digest of selected news and media that emerged over the last week related to wildfire emergencies, recovery efforts, and resilience building efforts in the American West. 

Residents return as containment grows for Yosemite fire

From ABC10, by Associated Press, ABC10 Staff | July 17, 2022

Residents of Wawona begin to return to their homes after Washburn Fire in Yosemite National Park reaches 51% containment


Aerial mulching aims to restore land burned by Cameron Peak Fire

From 9news, by Marc Sallinger | July 14, 2022

Nonprofit organization Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed leads the effort to prevent erosion and protect water quality, by dropping mulch from the sky

Yosemite’s Washburn Fire won't be the last time wildfires threaten California’s giant sequoias

From Capradio, by Manola Secaira | July 14 2022

Yosemite's history of of implementing prescribed burns have been successful in burning fuels to help keep the giant sequoias resilient to wildfire, showing the importance of fire within the park

Indigenous peoples use ceremonial burns as Redwood forest management tool in Santa Cruz mountains

From ABC 7 News, by Spencer Christian and Tim Didion | July 15, 2022

Ceremonial burn conducted by the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band is said to help manage the forest by clearing away fuels closer to the ground and purifying water runoff

State offers $10 million in grants to help 2020 wildfire property owners

From Oregon Capitol Chronicle, by Lynne Terry | July 13, 2022

The state Department of Consumer and Business Services is offering grants for homes and businesses to cover costs of roofs, walls, decks and porches, windows and skylights, overhangs and ventilation improvements for fire hardening to help structures better resist damage

In Climate-Driven Disasters, Older People and the Disabled Are Most at Risk. Now In-Home Caregivers Are Being Trained in How to Help Them

From Inside Climate News, by Katie Rodriguez | July 12, 2022

New program offers training to caregivers through the Caregiver Resiliency Teams Project to help give tools and information to caregivers to help prepare them for being on the frontlines of fires, floods, and other disasters

Let's Fight Fire with Fire

From The Nature Conservancy | July 15, 2022

How to stop megafires in California through techniques such as forest restoration, investing in resilient communities, and more

Environmentalists argue California home developments create wildfire risks

From PBS, by Michael Phillis and Suman Naishadham | July 14, 2022

Environmental groups argue that wildfire risk wasn’t fully considered in proposals to build homes in fire-prone areas that sit at the edge of forests and brush, and oppose plan to build more than 1,100 homes in a fire-prone area that will be difficult to evacuate

2022 California Wildfire Preparedness Guide: What to know and how to stay safe

From KCRA 3, by KCRA Staff | July 14, 2022

Information guide with links to wildfire coverage info, such as county evacuation and emergency alerts, understanding fire terms, wildfires near you, home hardening, and more

Almeda Fire survivors come together as two year anniversary approaches

From KTVL News 10, by Ambar Rodriguez | July 16, 2022

Almeda Fire survivors come together in Talent for a fire relief pop-up event almost two years since the Almeda Fire began to discuss affordable housing and the upcoming launch of the Wildfire Recovery and Resilience Account website

Survivors protest in front of Louisville City Hall over use taxes on rebuilding homes after Marshall Fire

From The Denver Channel, by Russell Haythorn | July 16, 2022

Several Marshall Fire victims rally in front of Louisville City Hall, asking that rebuilding fees be waived since they never planned on building new homes and many are struggling with underinsurance

Determined families trying to rebuild one year after Dixie Fire

From Yahoo | July 15, 2022

Volunteers come together within the community to help with cleanup and rebuilding a year after the Dixie Fire.

Marshall Fire victims have wide array of options for rebuilding homes to higher energy efficiency standards

From CBS Colorado, by Alan Gionet | July 14, 2022

Marshall Fire victims are facing many challenges, including PTSD and the ever growing insurance and building fees, but during a town hall session, they were introduced to an array of information on how they can rebuild homes lost in the fire to higher energy efficiency standards

Their homes survived California wildfires. But insurers refused to cover sickening smoke damage

From San Francisco Chronicle, by Carolyn Said | July 15, 2022

With insurers modifying policies all over California, nonprofit advocate Consumer Watchdog and the California Department of Insurance claim that insurance companies are trying to treat wildfire smoke damage as separate from fire damage in an attempt to illegally limit coverage

Sonoma County homeowners jolted with insurance hikes as a result of wildfire risk [The Press Democrat]

From Insurance Newsnet, by The Press Democrat | July 16, 2022

All across California, insurance carriers have dramatically raised rates and dropped coverage to adjust to wildfire risk

US solicits help as it defines old growth and mature forests

From OPB, by Associated Press | July 14, 2022

The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management is seeking input in order to help define a framework for older forests that need protection