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Welcome to "How to Disaster," the ultimate podcast for navigating the challenges of climate-based disasters, the defining crisis of our generation. With the increasing frequency and severity of these calamities, it's not a matter of if, but when you'll be affected. Whether you're a disaster survivor or seeking proactive strategies, this podcast is your beacon of hope. 

Recognized by top leaders in government, business, and the nonprofit sector, "How to Disaster" is the go-to podcast for those seeking a 360-degree view of disaster management. From gripping survivor accounts to exclusive interviews with experts, each episode offers a unique perspective that transcends conventional thinking. 

Join our host Jennifer Gray Thompson as we bring you the most compelling insights, innovative solutions, and best practices to equip you with the tools to face any disaster head-on. Together, we can shape a more resilient future.

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Photo of Alma Bowen

How to Serve Vulnerable Communities with Alma Bowen

Tune in as Jennifer and Alma Bowen, the CEO and Founder of Nuestra Comunidad, discuss the best practices and most appropriate approaches to bring the culture of preparedness and resiliency into these communities.

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Algeo Che Casul

How to Manage Private Lands in the Era of Mega Fires with Algeo Che Casul

This week, we are going back to the past to discover how our ancestors protected their lands from fire. As a 7th generation landowner in Sonoma, Algeo Che Casul shares practical wisdom on land stewardship passed on to him by his great grandfathers.

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Aristotle Wolfe photo standing in uniform, in front of his patrol car

How to Protect and Serve During a Disaster with Aristotle Wolfe

“To Protect and To Serve” is more than a motto. It is a vow that every police officer must take seriously. Listen in as Jennifer and CHP officer Aristotle Wolfe walk you through the life of a police officer.

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Adrienne Heinz

How to Design and Implement a Mental Health Collaborative with Adrienne Heinz, PhD

Jennifer interviews Dr. Adrienne Heinz for an in-depth discussion about mental health, why it is important to address trauma as a community.

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How to Help Communities Prepare and Respond to Disaster with Nancy Brown, PhD

Nancy Brown talks about the role of the public sector in ensuring that their community is adequately prepared for a disaster.

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Pat Kerrigan

How to Broadcast Media: Radio with Pat Kerrigan

Pat Kerrigan spent 24 days on-air delivering urgent news and serving the community in every way she can during the 2017 wildfire.

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Margie Foster

How to Lead a Community Post Disaster with Margie Foster

Margie Foster shares how her experience of a prior disaster helped her be an advocate for her community.

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James Gore

How to Lead: Public Sector (Local) with James Gore

Tune in as Jennifer and Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore share how to be a public official that the community needs in the midst of a disaster.

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How to Execute a Successful Disaster Response with Gerardo Castillo

Gerardo Castillo describes the process and scope of work they do in helping communities before, during, and after a disaster.

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Jenna Johnson

How to Zone Captain: Rural Area with Jenna Murray Johnson

Jennifer interviews Jenna Murray Johnson, Co-Founder of Camp Fire Zone Captains on the role of zone captains in fostering recovery in rural areas.

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