Day 3-9: Preserving the Protectors: New Systems for Climate Resilience and the Safety of First Responders | Steve Akre (Moderator), Bailey Farren (Panelist), Mike Francis (Panelist), Jacqui Jorgeson (Panelist), and Ryan Vila (Panelist)

Ensuring the well-being of those who dedicate their lives to protecting our communities is not only a professional obligation but a moral imperative as well. Implementing comprehensive protocols, providing proper training, and offering support systems not only demonstrates our gratitude but also helps build a stronger, more resilient workforce of protectors. 

This panel discussion brought together innovative leaders Bailey Farren, the  Co-Founder & CEO of Perimeter Platform; Mike Francis, the Co-Founder & CEO of NanoTech Materials; Jacqui Jorgeson, the Founder and Executive Director of Volunteer Fire Foundation; and Ryan Vila, the Fire Captain of CalFire.

Led by Steve Akre, the Fire Chief of Sonoma Valley Fire Department, this conversation sheds light on promising approaches to better address firefighters’ needs, health, and safety.