Day 3-13: We Can Live Alongside Wildfire: Designing Housing | Dr. Jonathan Kusel & Susan Jones

Living alongside wildfires is a topic that poses both challenges and opportunities. In order to adapt to this new reality, we need to focus on both structural and landscape considerations. Designing housing that can coexist with wildfires is imperative as these natural disasters become increasingly frequent and devastating. By integrating these factors into the design process, we can create homes and communities that are more resilient, capable of withstanding the challenges posed by wildfires, and ultimately, fostering a safer and sustainable future.

We are down to our last discussion in the After the Fire Wildfire Recovery Summit with Dr. Jonathan Kusel, the Executive Director of Sierra Institute and Susan Jones, the Founder of Atelierjones LLC. Architect Susan and Dr. Kusel worked together in designing CLT houses in Greenville, CA to help rebuild the community after the Camp Fire. 

Listen in as they share their expertise in implementing innovative solutions for rebuilding communities impacted by wildfires using mass timber construction; overcoming challenges in permitting and supply chains; crafting plans to expand the model; and mitigating wildfire risk through community design, forest management, and using appropriate building materials and techniques.