Day 3-6: Accelerating Wildfire Mitigation at the Community and Property Level | Ivan O’Neill

Wildfire mitigation is not just about safeguarding our properties; it’s a shared commitment to securing the well-being of our entire community. Whether it is clearing hazardous vegetation, implementing fire-safe building practices, or fostering collaboration through community education and outreach, we can create a safer and more resilient community for all. 

Co-founded by Ivan O’Neill, Wuuii is on a mission to help communities and property owners assess and reduce wildfire risk by analyzing aerial and on-ground imagery to identify risk factors and provide customized mitigation plans. They have developed artificial intelligence capabilities to accurately measure property features from images to help scale their wildfire risk assessment and mitigation efforts. 

Tune in as Ivan shares more about this exciting innovation, including interesting topics such as overcoming despair around wildfire risk, the importance of hardening homes and creating defensible space, the Map Your Neighborhood program, and challenges around private land ownership in the region.