Sept. 28 Digest: This Week in Wildfire Recovery News

This is a digest of selected news and media that emerged over the last week related to wildfire emergencies, recovery efforts, and resilience building efforts in the American West. 

caldor fire progression map, showing the spread by a color gradataion from blue to yellow to orange
Caldor Fire progression map as of 9/27/2021

These Maps Show Where Prescribed Burns Helped Curb the Caldor Fire's Rapid Growth

From San Francisco Chronicle, By Yoohyun Jung and Paula Friedrich | September 20, 2021

Series of maps that show the perscribed burns and vegetation removal methods that slowed the fire's growth emergency actions to prevent structure loss in megafires, especially addressing fires that are sparked by embercast.

Caldor Fire Maps

From Inciweb | September , 2021

Incident overviews, announcements, and emergency information concerning the Caldor Fire

The Dixie Fire is Almost Out, But it's Inhospitable 'Moonscapes' Remain

From The Guardian, by Gabrielle Canon | Sept. 22, 2021

Though the Dixie fire nears its end, experts describe how the landscape after fire destruction remains permanantly changed, affecting the ecosystems and wildlire within it.

The Caldor Fire Destroyed Nearly Two-Thirds of Grizzly Flats. Burned-Out Residents are Determined to Reclaim Their Town

From SF Chronicle, by Julie Johnson \ September 26, 2021

Residents of Grizzly Flats form groups within their community to band the community together and work to rebuild homes, businesses, and financial stability for their town.

Wildfire Conference Talks Lessons Learned, Future for Fighting Fire

From The Daily Sentinel, by Dan West | Sept. 24, 2021

Two keynote addresses given at the Colorado Wildland Fire Conference by Brian Fies and Bill Hahnenberg discuss how advancements in technologies and communications need to continue to improve in order to battle the ongoing droughts and fire risks

What Happens After a Mudflow Destroys Your Home? The Hidden Costs of Rebuilding Post-Fire

From KCET, by Rebecca Miller \ September 24, 2021

The multiple barriers faced when rebuilding in a post-fire landscape including where to build your property, legal restrictions, and financial burdens such as material, property surverying, and insurance costs.

Paradise Community Village Restored on the Ridge

From Action News Now, by Tori Apodaca | Sept. 23, 2021

The Community Housing Improvement Program completes affordable housing unit in Paradise Community Village, where original residents and newcomers are now able to move into a place that closely resembles the place pre-Camp Fire.

Marin Wildire Agency Introduces Evacuation Map App

From Marin Independent Journal, by Adrian Rodriguez | September 23, 2021

With fire danger looming over Marin County, authorities launch new interactive map application to assist in evacuating residents and help show which zones are in danger.

Land Tender App Launched to Help Prevent Wildfires in Tahoe, Beyond

From Tahoe Daily Tribune | September 24, 2021

Vibrant Planet launches new app that will provide electronic based data, giving land managers more accurate information concerning hazardous timber and fuels

Wildfire Fuel Mapper

From Pepperwood Preserve

An online application that takes a regional approach to protect ecosystems through forest management and reducing hazardous wildland fuels.

Draft California Fire Codes Include Wildfire Hazard Tool

From Jefferson Public Radio, by April Ehrlich | September 26, 2021

The National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed a framework consisting of electronic maps that may assist with assessing wildfire hazards

More Americans are Moving into Fire-Risky Areas

From Bloomberg, by Laura Bliss and Marie Patino

Recent trends in the U.S. show demand for houses in wildfire zones increase since 2020, despite increased risk of disaster.

Scientists Spar Over Whether Burned Trees Fuel or Calm Future Wildfires

From NBCBay Area, by Bigad Shaban, Robert Campos, Michael Horn | Sept. 22, 2021

Experts debate on whether dead and burned tree logs will add fuel to future fires or if letting dead trees absorb moisture from the ground and remain will slow down the burns.

Hungry Goats Prevent Fires, Remove Invasive Plants in San Francisco Hills

From SF Chronicle,

Fire mitigation can help even in the city, where San Francisco's nonprofit City Grazing sends out goats to eat invasive plants and undergrowth and minimize dry patches that contribute to fire risk.

California's Megafires Spur Insurers to Send in Special, Private Crews Before a Blaze Hits

From SF Chronicle, by Gregory Thomas

As the wildfires continue to increase, pre-incident squads are sent in by insurers to prepare properties in fire-danger zones in the hopes minimize possible costs associated with fire damage.

The West Urgently Needs Federal Funds to Address Drought, Wildfire, and Climate Change

OPINION From Aububon by Karyn Stockdale

Why Congress must address the urgent climate and drought conditions in the West through new funding bills, citing environmental dangers fueled by snowbank and reservoir levels at historic lows.