Day 3-10: Fortress Ground/Structure Fire Retardants | Shayne McLaughlin

Fire retardants have long been utilized as a means to prevent and suppress fires, but the chemicals present in these retardants have been shown to persist in the environment, bioaccumulate, and even pose risks to wildlife and human beings. This has led to concerns about the long-term consequences of their widespread use. Hence, the need for environmentally friendly alternatives arises so that we can ensure a safer and more sustainable future.

Fortress North America is an innovative fire protection company that developed an environmentally friendly fire retardant product as an alternative to the industry standard. The company’s flagship product is a magnesium chloride-based retardant that is more effective at disrupting fire behavior compared to fertilizer-based options. It also has been shown to have no toxic effects on aquatic life even at high concentrations, making it safer for ecological applications. The company remains committed to advancing wildfire prevention through scientific research and new retardant applications like pre-treating high-risk roadsides. 

Listen in as Fortress North America’s Ground Retardant Expert Shayne McLaughlin discusses the difference between fire retardants, gels, and foams; a federal lawsuit challenging the use of the standard retardant; the possibility of using retardants in pre-treating high-risk areas; and case studies about applying retardants along evacuation routes.