Day 2-13: Rising From the Ashes: Creating Resilient Communities Post MegaFire | Caerleon Safford

The sheer devastation caused by mega-fires amplifies the urgency to address not only the immediate aftermath but also the long-term consequences on the affected communities. However, rebuilding these communities to be resilient requires addressing numerous complex factors that require a strategic and diligent approach rooted in comprehensive research, a thorough understanding of the local context, and a commitment to the overarching goal of creating resilient communities.

Engage in the conversation as Wildland Fire Grands and Projects Program Manager, Caerleon Safford talks about various grant programs and projects underway to reduce wildfire risk; challenges with environmental reviews, code compliance, trust-building, and keeping momentum over time; and lessons learned on the importance of outreach, the need for expertise, and making generational changes to reduce wildfire impacts.