How to Rebuild as a Public Sector Official with Tennis Wick

Tennis Wick

In this episode, Jennifer and Sonoma’s PRMD Director, Tennis Wick discuss effective approaches and systems that can help leaders and individuals make the transition from disaster response to recovery.  Tennis also speaks about ways to deal with misinformation, address contractor fraud, allocate funding wisely, meet the needs of thousands of victims, and help them get their life back together.

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How to be an Emergent Leader with Jocksana Corona

Photo of Jocksana Corona outdoors colorful beaded necklace

The 3 most expensive words are equity, sustainability, and resiliency. We are now in a period where we are paying for the lack of stewardship with high costs, but there is still hope. This week, Dr. Lisa Micheli, joins the stage to talk about how to connect each individual landowner to their community and to resource opportunities.

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