Day 2-11: Reconnecting with Wisdom: Wildland Management and Indigenous Practices in the Era of Climate Change | Dr. Lisa Mitcheli (Moderator), Marco Bey (Panelist) & Belinda Brown (Panelist)

The integration of Western science and traditional indigenous knowledge represents a powerful approach to fostering healthier landscapes and resilient communities in the face of escalating fire risks. Western science contributes data-driven analysis, cutting-edge technology, and quantitative modeling, while traditional indigenous knowledge offers profound insights derived from centuries of adaptive land management practices and deep connections with the natural world. Bringing together these distinct knowledge systems offers a balanced and comprehensive understanding of fire management, ecology, and cultural practices. 

Dr. Lisa Mitcheli, the President and CEO of Pepperwood Foundation and Board Member of After the Fire USA guides the discussion on wildland management and indigenous practices in the era of climate change. 

Delve into this topic as panel members Marco Bey and Belinda Brown of the Lomakatsi Restoration Project talk about building relationships with indigenous communities and leveraging traditional ecological knowledge for land management; the importance of communication, trust-building, and understanding different cultural perspectives; training indigenous youths with in-demand skills while strengthening their cultural identities; and how to develop “rural restoration economies”.