Day 2-12: Rebuilding Stronger: Demystifying CDBG-DR Block Grants for Community Recovery After Disasters | Heather Lagrone

In the aftermath of a disaster, it is crucial to swiftly assess the extent of the damage and the immediate needs of the affected community. Whether it’s allocating funds for infrastructure repairs, emergency services, or restoring essential utilities, a well-executed recovery plan is essential. 

The Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program is a program that provides supplemental disaster recovery funds meant to fund long-term recovery needs that cannot be met by other federal disaster assistance and insurance programs. However, it is not a standalone program and has to follow the rules and regulations of the CDBG program, which can make it difficult to implement for disaster recovery purposes.

Join the discussion as Texas General Land Office Senior Deputy Director, Heather Lagrone demystifies the complexities of managing disaster recovery funds through the CDBG-DR program. She also talks about the challenges with scaling recovery programs to meet massive needs while balancing limited available funding, strategies for setting clear expectations with communities about the length of time involved in recovery, leveraging different funding sources on eligible activities and applicants, and building flexibility into recovery programs.