Day 2-9: Strengthening Communities: The Vital Role of Healthcare Organizations in Climate Resilience and Disaster Recovery | Judy Coffey & Alena Wall

With the increasing frequency and intensity of climate-related disasters, healthcare organizations are faced with tremendous responsibility beyond just safeguarding public health. They are the backbone of a community’s response and recovery efforts. Their expertise, authority, and resources are vital in ensuring the overall health and well-being of communities impacted by calamities. But more than these, their selfless services and leadership despite threats to their own lives are a testament to their unwavering dedication. 

Explore the vital role of healthcare organizations in climate resilience with After the Fire USA Board President Judy Coffey and Kaiser Permanente’s Director of Public Affairs Alena Wall. Listen in as they relate inspiring stories about the leadership shown during the devastating 2017 Tubbs Fire, the heroic efforts of hospital staff who stayed to help patients despite facing danger themselves, and philanthropy aims to center community voices and support long-term recovery, health equity, and preventing housing displacement.