Day 3-2: Keynote | Mike McGuire

Traditional firefighting methods often focus on reacting to wildfires once they have already started. While these methods are crucial for containing and extinguishing fires, they do not address the underlying factors that contribute to the frequency and severity of wildfires. 

Hence, in the face of increasing wildfire incidents, adopting an all-encompassing approach is crucial in protecting the environment, communities, and future generations. 

As the state senator representing some of the areas hit hardest by recent wildfires, Senator Mike McGuire brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience to the challenges California faces in addressing the wildfire crisis. Senator McGuire is tirelessly working to ensure all levels of government and private sectors come together in the fight against wildfires. He understands the devastating toll these fires take on communities and is committed to doing everything in his power to better protect lives and property. 

Listen in as Senator McGuire delivers the anticipated keynote speech for the After the Fire Wildfire Recovery Summit. His talk focuses on updates on ongoing challenges and state actions to continue making progress on this critical issue. Press play and learn more about wildfire prevention, response, and recovery efforts such as increasing firefighting resources and personnel, modernizing technology and emergency communications, mandating utility infrastructure hardening, investing in upstream wildfire prevention, addressing challenges in the insurance market, and streamlining post-fire cleanup and rebuilding efforts.