Oct 26 Digest: This Week in Wildfire Recovery News

This is a digest of selected news and media that emerged over the last week related to wildfire emergencies, recovery efforts, and resilience building efforts in the American West. 

From Vox | September 22, 2021

A historical walk through a century of fire suppression. Decades of stopping forest fires have made them worse. Can we undo the damage?

S.F. Bay Area Weather: Category 5 Atmospheric River Brings Flooding, Evacuation Orders and Outages

From SF Chronicle, by Dominic Fracassa | October 24, 2021

When returning home after an intense wildfire season, depression can set in. Suicide rates among wildland firefighters high. Those who have worked so hard to keep our communities safe need support and care for their mental and emotional health.

The awkward silence when the season ends

From Wildfire Today, by Bill Gabbert | October 23, 2021

When returning home after an intense wildfire season, depression can set in. Suicide rates among wildland firefighters high. Those who have worked so hard to keep our communities safe need support and care for their mental and emotional health.

Meet Some of the Women Firefighters Battling Flames in California

From National Geographic by Lynsey Addario | October 20, 2021

Photographer with National Geographic profiles women firefighters during a most active fire season, and provides a closer look at what this work entails, and what motivates them to do it.

A 'bomb cyclone' is battering much of California

From Live Science by Elizabeth Howell | October 24, 2021

What is driving the bomb cyclone and atmospheric river weather hitting California's North Coast this week.

Tahoe Is At 'High Risk' for Flash Floods, Mudslides, and Avalanches as Storm Moves In

From SF Gate by Julie Brown | October 22, 2021

Properties around Caldor burn scars are warned against downstream danger from burn area that could result in flooding, debris flow, and possible avalanches for snow areas.

Evacuations Orders Lifted Near CZU Burn Scar in Santa Cruz County

From NBC Bay Area | October 25, 2021

Residents allowed to return to their homes in Santa Cruz County after heavy rains from "atmospheric river" ran through the Santa Cruz Mountains

Welcome to Plumas County – Find an alternate route

From Plumas News | October 25, 2021

Heavy rains caused rockslides and erosion, blocking portions of Hwy 70. CALTRANS needs several days to clear the area before the road can reopen.

Fish Count in Poudre River 1 Year After Destructive Cameron Peak Fire Brings 'Shocking' News

From CBS Denver \ October 24, 2021

Parks and wildlife officers in Colorado look at the severe drop in fish in the Poudre River in the aftermath of the Cameron Peak Fire.

Watershed Impacts From Cameron Peak Fire Expected To Last For Many Years

From CBS Denver \ October 24, 2021

Scientists and hydrologists look at the long lasting impact on the Poudre River and Big Thompsan River watersheds from Cameron Peak Fire, Colorado's largest fire in history.

Increasing Sustainable Logging Practices With The Help Of AI

From Forbes by Annie Brown | October 4, 2021

Artificial Intelligence designed for forestry work may help in the efforts to fight against climate change through computers that are taught how to make optimal decisions about sustainable forest management.

Mountaintop building was banned. Pulled off epic off-grid

On YouTube by Kristen Dirksen | September 21, 2021

A video tour of a mountaintop off-grid home built with modular construction in harmony with the natural setting.

30 years after firestorm ravaged East Bay hills, here's what's being done to keep it from repeating

From ABC7News Bay Area, by 

On the 30 anniversary of the Tunnel Fire in Oakland, which devastated thousands of homes and took 25 lives, see what East Bay hills community members do to prevent it from happening again.

Megafires, Hurricanes and Water Quality

From Brigham Young University 

A single megafire induced over a century’s worth of erosion around Utah Lake. BYU scientists are studying the effects.

Conservation groups want Washington forests managed ‘for all the people’

From OPB by Courtney Flatt

Conservation groups at a state Supreme Court hearing argue for better land management by the Washington state government by logging fewer trees and lowering harvest to help deal with climate change.

Gov. Newsom Issues State of Emergency to Support Wildfire Recovery Efforts

From Action News Now,

Governor Newsom proclaims state of emergency for numerous counties effected by wildfire, allowing these counties to access resources to support their recovery efforts

‘Nobody cares I have nowhere to live’: wildland firefighters struggle with homelessness

From The Guardian,

Wildland firefighters of varying age and rank told the Guardian about their experiences with homelessness and persistent economic uncertainty.  And lawmakers are working to raise their pay and make the work year-round. But is it enough to make this job bearable?

Legislation announced to raise pay for federal wildland firefighters to at least $20 an hour

From Wildfire Today by Bill Gabbert | October 19, 2021

A new bill was introduced, the Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Classification and Pay Parity Act that would increase their take home pay by raising firefighters’ salaries and would provide other benefits. The impact would improve conditions for 15,000 firefighters, whose starting pay is now only $13.75/hr. Speakers in support included Rep. Joe Neguse (CO) and co-sponsor Rep. Salud Carbajal (CA). Other co-sponsors include Rep. Katie Porter (CA) and Rep. Liz Cheney (WY). Mr. Neguse is Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus.