North Bay Forest Improvement Program 2021 – 2022 Summary

  The North Bay Forest Improvement Program (NBFIP) is now two years into a multi-year process. As an organization we are very proud of this program, which started as an idea, became a pilot, and is now a model for resiliency.   Over the past two years we have disbursed over $350,000 in incentive payments…

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When I Hike, I’d Like To See Evidence of Prescribed Burning

view in Hood Mountain Regional Park mostly burnt field with park boundary post in foreground

by Rosa Brandt, Program Associate, After the Fire USA   Back in June I spent a Saturday hiking up Hood Mountain, a 2,733-foot peak along the Sonoma Valley. The trail winds up through forests, past a small creek flowing down a canyon, and up along the ridgeline to the summit. It is a stunning hike…

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The Necessity of the North Bay Forest Improvement Program

infographic comparing forest acreage under state, federal and private ownership in CA. Graphic shows this by size of green tree icons against a deep yellow background

As the weather gets warmer and drier and we head quickly into the midst of wildfire season, it is a fitting time to highlight the importance of vegetation management. It is easy to understand how the actions you take in your own yard and around your house can help protect your belongings from wildfire damage,…

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May is Wildfire Preparedness Month

abstract graphic in green tones with an illustration of a house

Prepare Your Home May is National Wildfire Preparedness month, and there are so many things to do now to reduce risk and ensure safety when the next red flag day approaches. This time of year is especially good to take action since the ground has more moisture and temperatures are mild.  Acknowledging that ‘fire season’…

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After the Fire Delegation Zooms to DC to Meet with Electeds Regarding Wildfire

After the Fire Zoom Window with 9 participants on screen

During the fall of 2021, After the Fire hosted an ongoing virtual advocacy delegation of local elected officials, non-profit leaders, and community members to meet with our country’s senators and representatives regarding wildfire.  Advocacy in the era of COVID-19 has shifted these kinds of meetings from in person in Washington DC, to a new virtual…

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